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Submission for Publication

MorningStar Music Publishers is a full line independent church music publisher with over 5,000 publications. As an independent publisher, we try to address many denominational needs. MorningStar specializes largely in traditional seasonal and liturgical music, although we do publish some spiritual, gospel, and non-traditional music.

When submitting manuscripts for consideration, we ask that you consider our “niche” as described above.

Next, consider the following criteria:
1) We prefer that the creative work in the submission be yours alone, and not material already under copyright assigned to another individual or entity. Texts and tunes clearly within the Public Domain are fine, as these are free to use without obtaining anyone’s permission. Please don’t send us another person’s composition without including their clear, written permission for us to consider their work. (An exception to this might be if the composer is deceased and you are the composer’s heir.) If you are using a previously copyrighted tune or text in something that you send to us, we prefer that this be handled “by the book,” i.e. your first responsibility is to obtain “Permission to Arrange” from the copyright holder before you set any notes to the page. Please show us a citation of the copyrighted material and proof of permission to arrange it when you send us your work.

2) The material has not simultaneously been sent to or previously accepted by any other publisher.

3) We do not review music in lead sheet/chart format.

4) We suggest that you select no more than three or four compositions that you feel best represent your work. Computer written copies are preferred, but if hand-written, your submissions must be legible and in ink. Though they are not necessary, we welcome any recordings of works you submit. (Note that all submissions must be in written form, and that recordings do not substitute for this.) In the event that your work is not chosen for publication and you wish to have your manuscript returned to you, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Please provide an email address if you submit manuscripts via postal mail.

All postal mail submissions should be sent to:

MorningStar Music Publishers
Attn: Submissions
1727 Larkin Williams Road
Fenton MO 63026

Please send us files rather than links, invitations to DropBox, or storage locations which require a sign-on. You may e-mail manuscripts in a PDF or Finale file format to:

Once your submission is received, we will notify you via an acknowledgement e-mail or letter. A review committee evaluates all submitted manuscripts as time allows, so we ask that you allow up to four months before you expect to receive a reply.