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  1. Creative Hymn Introductions

    Creative Hymn Introductions

    Product Number: 10-811*
    Composer: Krider, Dale
    Voicing and Instruments: Organ

    Available Editions:
    10-811 Creative Hymn Introductions
    file_10-811-1E Adeste fideles (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-11E Duke Street (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-2E America (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-3E Antioch (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-4E Aurelia (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-5E Austria (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-6E Azmon (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-7E Beecher (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-8E Coronation (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-9E Crucifer (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-10E CWM Rhondda (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-12E Easter Hymn (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-13E Ebenezer (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-14E Ein feste Burg (isometric) (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-15E Engelberg (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-16E Foundation (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-17E Hanover (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-18E Hyfrydol (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-19E Hymn to Joy (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-20E Italian Hymn (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-21E Lasst uns erfreuen (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-22E Lauda anima (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-23E Leoni (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-24E Lobe den Herren (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-25E Lyons (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-26E Marion (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-27E Mendelssohn (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-28E Mit Freuden zart (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-29E National Hymn (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-30E Nettleton (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-31E Nicaea (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-32E Sine nomine (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-33E Spanish Hymn (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-34E St. Denio (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-35E St. Thomas (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-36E Terra beata (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-37E To God Be the Glory (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-38E Unser Herrscher (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-39E Victory (Downloadable)
    file_10-811-40E Westminster Abbey (Downloadable)

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  2. Hymn Harmonizations, Set 4

    Hymn Harmonizations, Set 4

    Product Number: 10-805*
    Composer: Shay, Edmund
    Voicing and Instruments: Organ

    Available Editions:
    10-805 Hymn Harmonizations, Set 4
    file_10-805-1E Aurelia (2 settings) (Downloadable)
    file_10-805-2E Ein feste Burg (2 settings) (Downloadable)
    file_10-805-3E Erhalt uns, Herr (Downloadable)
    file_10-805-4E Kirken den er et gammelt Hus (Downloadable)
    file_10-805-5E Festal Song (Downloadable)
    file_10-805-6E O quanta qualia (2 settings) (Downloadable)
    file_10-805-7E St. Peter (2 settings, both in D and E-flat) (Downloadable)
    file_10-805-8E Sine nomine (2 settings) (Downloadable)
    file_10-805-9E St. Thomas (Downloadable)
    file_10-805-10E Kremser (Downloadable)
    file_10-805-11E Nun danket alle Gott (Setting 1-Isometric; Setting 2-Rhythmic) (Downloadable)
    file_10-805-12E St. George's, Windsor (Downloadable)
    file_10-805-13E Winchester Old (2 settings) (Downloadable)
    file_10-805-14E Bryn Calfaria (Downloadable)
    file_10-805-15E Coronation (Downloadable)
    file_10-805-16E King's Weston (2 settings) (Downloadable)
    file_10-805-17E Laus Regis (Downloadable)
    file_10-805-18E St. Magnus (2 settings) (Downloadable)

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  3. The Festival Hymn Collection, Volume 2

    The Festival Hymn Collection, Volume 2

    Product Number: 10-225*
    Composer: Metzger, Samuel
    Voicing and Instruments: Organ

    Available Editions:
    10-225 The Festival Hymn Collection, Volume 2
    file_10-225-1E Antioch (Downloadable)
    file_10-225-2E Aurelia (Downloadable)
    file_10-225-3E Crusader's Hymn (Downloadable)
    file_10-225-4E CWM Rhondda (Downloadable)
    file_10-225-5E Diademata (Downloadable)
    file_10-225-6E Gloria (Downloadable)
    file_10-225-7E Hyfrydol (Downloadable)
    file_10-225-8E Lancashire (Downloadable)
    file_10-225-9E Lasst uns erfreuen (Downloadable)
    file_10-225-10E Regent Square (Downloadable)
    file_10-225-11E Sagina (Downloadable)
    file_10-225-12E St. Christopher (Downloadable)
    file_10-225-13E Terra beata (Downloadable)
    file_10-225-14E Veni Emmanuel (Downloadable)
    file_10-225-15E Webb (Downloadable)

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3 Item(s)

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