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Raimonds Tiguls

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Raimonds Tiguls (born 1972) is Latvian composer, musician, author and producer. He has released many cd’s worldwide and became known in 1999 as a representative of ambient and electronic music. The International attention he has gained for his albums “Moonlight Sound Design” and “De Angelis”, released by the Latvian label UPE, and rereleased by the German record label ZYX Music, and, from 2000 to 2007, music from the albums was featured on more than 20 music collections in Germany, Switzerland and Benelux countries. In 2011, he released the project “Islands” together with singers from Iceland and Gotland.

He is also known as an author who has composed music for theatre and films “Gone with the Wind”, “Amadeus”, “Pillowman” and “Pinocchio”.

On multiple occasions he has received the Latvian Music Recording Award in the category Best Instrumental Music Album (Bay Lounge, 2003; Zalš. Balts. Zils [Green. White. Blue.], 2007; Vestule Ziemassvetkos [A Christmas Letter], 2009 and Best Modern Folk Music Album (Zalš. Balts. Zils, 2007). He received the Copyrights Infinity Award for his popularisation of folk music (2004). His work “Dod, Dievini” (Give, Me God) was included in the XXV All Latvian Song Festival closing concert (2013). The Riga 2014 celebration included the dance performance “Lec, saulite” (Rise, Sun) with Raimonds Tiguls’ music.

In 2008, he founded the music publisher SIA Moonlight Sound Design and in 2010 – the World Music and Art Fund and is the Fund’s Chairman. Starting from 2012, the World Music and Art Fund is organising international music concerts in Tigulu hill (Talsi).

Raimonds Tiguls is the artistic director, brain and the soul behind his World music festival on highest hill /Tigulu hill/ in his home town Talsi. Between the oaks he has found a place where music from different nations as Iceland, Georgia, Armenia, UK and of course Latvia come together in united sound and ambience.


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