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Songs for Women's Voices: 6. I Will Be Earth (SSA Choral Score)

Songs for Women's Voices: 6. I Will Be Earth (SSA Choral Score)

Product Number: 5025

Composer: , Walker, Gwyneth



May Swenson's poem "I will be earth, you be the flower. You have found my root, you are the rain..."

Additional Information

Product Number 5025
Available Editions

Songs for Women's Voices (Complete)
Chamber Orchestra Score, 6509
Chamber Orchestra Set of Parts, 6510
Individual Replacement Parts, 6657

1. Women Should Be Pedestals (SSA)
Choral Score, 5020
Chamber Orchestra Score, 6658
Chamber Orchestra Parts, 6659
Individual Replacement Parts, 6660

2. Mornings Innocent (SSA)
Choral Score, 5021
Chamber Orchestra Score, 6661
Chamber Orchestra Parts, 6662
Individual Replacement Parts, 6663

3. The Name is Changeless (SSA)
Choral Score, 5022

4. Love Is a Rain of Diamonds (SSA)
Choral Score, 5023
Chamber Orchestra Score, 6664
Chamber Orchestra Parts, 6665
Individual Replacement Parts, 6666

5. In Autumn (SSA)
Choral Score, 5024
Chamber Orchestra Score, 6667
Chamber Orchestra Parts, 6668
Individual Replacement Parts, 6669

6. I Will Be Earth (SATB)
Choral Score, 4887
Chamber Orchestra Score, 6538
Chamber Orchestra Parts, 6539
Individual Replacement Parts, 6612

6. I Will Be Earth (SSA)
Choral Score, 5025
Individual Replacement Parts, 6672

6. I Will Be Earth (TTBB)
Choral Score, 7293

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Composer/Arranger ; Walker, Gwyneth
Text Author Swenson, May
Voicing & Instruments SSA, Piano or Chamber Orchestra
Difficulty Moderately Easy
Historical Period 21st Century
Popular Choral Searches Bestseller
Publisher E. C. Schirmer Music Company

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